The In-Car Experience

Axis Innovation’s latest Industry Report examines the history, trends, and exciting opportunities of the in-car experience. With the advent of connected and autonomous vehicles, understanding the massive changes and opportunities of in-car experience is critical to automakers, suppliers, and startups. The report shares in depth insights and analysis from over 6 months of research combined with our first hand experience working with both major automakers and mobility startups and interviews with leading automakers.


- Connectivity Boom: In 2020 a majority of new cars on the road will come with built in connectivity - creating $ Billions of opportunity for new services and experiences. Understand what automakers and startups are doing to take advantage and prepare for this trend.

- History: Understand the history of in-car entertainment - beginning with the radio in the 1920’s and 18 key dates and innovations until today.

- In-Car Apps: unique analysis of the auto industry’s response to smartphone usage in car into 2 key strategies: insourcing and outsourcing. Identification of key strengths and weaknesses for automakers to partner with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, develop internal apps, and partner with startups and developers directly.

- Ford Applink program and SDL: Case study of successful startup - automaker partnerships and how Ford has created new apps and experiences in the car, while becoming a “mobility” company along the way. Also includes highlights of additional automaker programs to engage with external developers including GM, VW, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and more.

- Key App Categories: Identification of the 3 main categories of apps for in-car usage, and which ones show the most promise and growth, including over 10 startup examples.

- HMI (Human-Machine Interface): Understand what it is, what are the 5 main categories, market growth and potential for each. Within each category, in-depth analysis including trends and predictions, as well as 2-3 startups revolutionizing each section.

- Best Practices: 6 key insights for corporate-startup collaboration in the automotive sector.

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